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The brand was born in 1936 and now leading the global market with specialist espresso equipment - NUOVA SIMONELLI has been the World Barista Championship machine sponsor for 6 years & the Company has developed equipment together with barista world champions to better offer ultimate brewing equipment that meets every professionals' requirements. As well as extraordinary durability in the equipment built for high volume coffee specialist around the globe.
aurelia II
oscar professional
mythos one clima pro
The NEW World Barista Championship machine the VA 388 BLACK EAGLE
VICTORIA ARDUINO is the oldest brand of coffee machines, being born with its early patents in the late 1800's and registering their name and first model in 1905. The brand manages to incorporate traditional classic designs with latest technology - often the choice of many baristas with an artisan choice of extraction methods such as the lever ATHENA or the latest BLACK EAGLE with Gravimetric Technology, measuring the yield of extraction parameters programmed by the barista.
athena leva
black eagle
Ultimate design and concept - Dutch born Kees, manages to produce ultimate designs with latest technology, allowing for clients to produce varying bar set-ups with aesthetics as well as alternative European manufactured machines.
mirage triplette
mirage duette
spirit triplette
spirit duette
MORRICO's association with 9 BAR Coffees allows for us to offer 100% Italian built quality and durability, at entry level competitive prices for new store owners with limited budgets, yet searching for a long term durable solution. 9BAR Equipment is branded exclusively and offered through MORRICO dealerships country wide. Built with proven robust E61 group heads and complete brass and chrome components with a steel casing - offered in compact versions for small entry level mobile solutions requiring a low consumption approach.
2 froup semi
2 group volumetric