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Morrico has been trading since 1991 - Born in Johannesburg and later expanded to the four corners of South Africa with representative dealers over the boarders, supporting and assisting old and new clients with every technical and supplies demand.
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Coffee Solutions & supplies

Incorporating Roast House (pty) ltd
Morrico's association with Roast House coffee Roasters has managed to offer its demanding clients an artisan coffee supplies solution, From corporate large office solutions to boutique hotels and coffee shops, demanding small batch roasting with artisan method offering ultimate taste and flavor profiles.

Our supplies include solutions such as:

• Equipment rental and coffee supplies agreements.
• Rent-to-own equipment for existing clients (T&c's)
• Barista training on and off site,
• Corporate solutions with free on loan equipment or rental units to suit any application.
• Coffee supplies of premium imported Italian blends as well as locally roasted speciality blends , single origins etc.

Personalised Blends

Our association with ROAST HOUSE (as well as other top South Africa roasters), has allowed Morrico to offer personalized coffee roasting solutions.

Our clients requests are met with every aspect of roasting knowledge with an artisan approach, both in small batches for exclusive personalized blends, as well as larger corporate and hotel solutions.

Our clients, whether new clients looking at starting a coffee shop, or old clients seeking a new fresh approach to coffee, allow us to personalize test samples and conduct a strict tasting method of choice to personalized a blend /roast in every aspect or demand.

Often associating the right type of equipment , menu as well as assisting with staff procurement and training for both owners and staff, from bean to cup.

Training and preparation further offers understanding the market, as well as the menu which a new or old store needs to consider.
The detail varies with every customers requirements as well as the beans and blends of choice, which are often exclusive to the client once finalized.

• Fair trade
• Organic
• Rain Forest alliance
• Direct trade
• Single origin
• Single estate
• Green bean supplies
Are all available on request

Professional Roasting

From 300g sample Rosters, 3kg shop roasters, to 70kg and 100kg solutions for roasting companies.

Sample roaster 300g X 2 drums - free standing unit
1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 25kg, 30kg and 60kg.

Green bean Loaders
Chaff collector units (supplied with units as well as sold separately)

Foot operated package sealers.

Units Built to customer specification .
(top 5 to list 3/10/15/0/60)

Green bean supplies.
(join our database and receive updated green beans stock availability at competitive market related prices)

Technical Services

Morrico was originally born as a technical support Company, importing original spare parts for all espresso machines.

Over the years our range has increased and we now offer competitive rates to all repairs and technical assistance and services to the trade as well as private and corporate individuals.

Our maintenance and service plans are custom designed for clients specific demands and priced accordingly to maintain a valuable return on investment without sacrificing equipment value over the years.

Please inquire individually.

General periodical services are quick and inexpensive and often carried planned for store actual needs, with a focus on equipment longevity as well as water filtration and periodical filter replacements and water tests.

• On site servicing
• Off site servicing - major / minor
• Water filtrations and RO - reverse osmosis systems .
• SLA and periodical maintenance packages.
• Complete rebuilds, overhauls and restorations offered -
• Vintage machine restoration available .